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To me dinner is one of the most important meals among breakfast, lunch and snack times :) As dinner ends your day, it has to be properly made, it needs to fill you with positive energy and with all those nutrients that a rainbow can offer. Find your favorite among soups, chowders, salads, stews, dhal’s, curries, pies, quiche’s, Buddha bowls, patties etc. Remember to have plenty of raw veggies with your cooked meals!

13 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes
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13 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes

You’ll definitely find suitable vegan Thanksgiving main dishes from the following hearty and delicious recipes: casseroles, quiches, burgers, stews/curries, rice dishes, and vegan roasts. Be sure to check also 43 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes, 17 Vegan Thanksgiving Sides and Appetizers, and 13 Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts. 13 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes Oh-So-Good […]