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Nutriplanet – Healthy Lifestyle Guide

I am more at ease with my body now at 41 years old than I was at 20. This isn’t because I diet or have an intense fitness regime: it’s because I have adopted a healthy lifestyle. I want to help you live a happy, healthy life too by making sensible choices.

As one of the founders of the Nutriplanet Health Hub, I am passionate about promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I advocate for proper nutrition plus being active, something I know a lot about now, but I wasn’t always this way. When I was in my early 20s I struggled with an eating disorder. I didn’t have a clue about what to eat and thought the less I ate, the skinnier I would be. After adopting a whole foods plant-based diet (WFPBD) a few years later as well as walking and cycling, I am at peace with food and my body today.

Seeing others battle with well-being and weight makes me sad. I often hear people blame their “bad” genes for being overweight. But that’s just an excuse. As the mother of a young boy, I know it’s tough trying to read up on healthy foods and take the time to prepare good meals. That’s one of the reasons I started Nutriplanet.

Nutriplanet puts information about proper nutrition, exercise and healthy minds directly into your hands through articles, blog posts, tutorial videos, recipes and shopping/eating out guidance. I compile my health and nutrition research, knowledge and certificate in Plant Based Nutrition into ready-to-use tips for you to plug into everyday living.

This stuff is not secret but it’s something I believe big business would prefer you didn’t know. I think companies are profiting from not being concerned about people’s health and the environment. Breaking the chain of illness and getting people moving means making informed choices and reversing the idea that good food can’t be tasty. I love to eat and anything I prepare needs to taste delicious.

My husband has been the beneficiary of making the switch to healthier eating after being hospitalized with gallstones for a second time. The surgeon told him it was absolutely necessary to cut him open in order to treat the problem. He refused and instead started eating my whole food plant-based meal plans. He got rid of his symptoms and lost 10 kilos (22 pounds) in six months.

When I started looking into healthy lifestyles and eating I knew I had to tell others about what I discovered. I knew I had to share the connection between health and nutrition so people could take their well-being into their own hands before it was too late. That’s what Nutriplanet is: a hub for you to fuel your body and mind throughout your journey on Earth.

Yours truly,
Nele Liivlaid


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