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Nori Sausages with Barley-Lentil Filling
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Nori Sausages with Barley-Lentil Filling

In Estonia we have blood-sausage tradition (a mixture of blood, barley and herbs in animal intestine baked in oven). These nori sausages are a must-have on Christmas and New Yearโ€™s Eve table, served with cranberry sauce and pickled pumpkin cubes. Last year, for the first time, I tried plant-based version […]

Carob-Date-Walnut-Coconut-Cacao Candies
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Raw Carob Candies

It is this time of the year when both adults and children have sweet treats more often. It is absolutely fine, but you can also have your sweet bites while sticking to healthy eating. We do not need the over-stimulation and weight gaining side effects of the conventional sugary/oily candies […]