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How to Make an Easy GF Baked Falafel Recipe [Video]

You’ll love this baked vegan falafel recipe with canned chickpeas, if you’re into healthy oil-free plant-based treats. My simple falafel balls are full of flavour and have perfect consistency despite being gluten-free. What is falafel Originally, falafel is a deep-fried ball made of ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. However, […]

13 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes
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13 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes

You’ll definitely find suitable vegan Thanksgiving main dishes from the following hearty and delicious recipes: casseroles, quiches, burgers, stews/curries, rice dishes, and vegan roasts. Be sure to check also 43 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes, 17 Vegan Thanksgiving Sides and Appetizers, and 13 Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts. 13 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes Oh-So-Good […]

Chickpea-Summer Squash Veggie Burger
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Veggie Burger, Chickpea-Summer Squash

Here’s to tasty and juicy gluten free chickpea-zucchini burger! I made those for lunch yesterday and I must say the boys where super-happy to find veggie burger on their plate. I prepare veggie patties quite often, but not in the form of burgers. Besides the chickpea-zucchini burger, which is so moist […]

Chickpea-Quinoa Patties with Cheesy Vegan Sauce
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Quinoa Chickpea Burger with Cheesy Vegan Sauce

Here are delicious and satiating quinoa chickpea burgers that taste heavenly with my cheesy vegan sauce. Besides, it is a perfect recipe for batch cooking for effortless weeknight meals. Furthermore, this vegan burger recipe has only simple ingredients that you can find in every supermarket. Now, to be honest, I […]

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Juicy Beet-Chickpea Patties

These juicy beet-chickpea patties are always a hit – they statisfy your hunger and give comfort at the same time. Nourish yourself and surprise the loved ones! Patties are not something I make very often, as it is more time-consuming than preparing food on stove top. However, every now and […]