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Spicy Oil-Free Tomato Sauce
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Spicy Tomato Sauce [Oil-Free]

Here’s a deliciously spicy homemade tomato sauce recipe that is made from scratch using fresh tomatoes. It is an easy one-pot recipe that requires about 20 minutes of active preparation. Make a big batch of this divinely flavoured basic tomato sauce and you’re set for a week. It just so […]

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Beetroot Smoothie with Blueberries

I love unconventional smoothies and this beetroot smoothie with blueberries ain’t exception. Smoothie is a great healthy way to start off your day without overloading the digestive system. Morning is the one time at a day I can skip preparing food, as this is when my husband possesses the kitchen […]

Gut-friendly homemade oat yoghurt for a healthy breakfast or snack.
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Gut-Friendly Oat Yogurt for Breakfast

Gut-friendly fermented oat yogurt that makes an excellent healthy and delicious breakfast or afternoon snack. I have always liked fermented foods like sauerkraut, cucumbers and other vegetables, but only recently I started experimenting with grains. I have fermented buckwheat and millet so far (millet has yet to become a post […]

Buckwheat Sourdough Pancakes Candida Cleanse
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Buckwheat Pancakes

What’s better than fresh buckwheat pancakes on a Sunday morning? Learn how to make healthy whole grain gluten-free pancakes with freshly made berry or fruit sauce. I’ve been making these raw buckwheat pancakes every weekend for 2 years now, because my family just loves them so much. You can always […]