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Easy Tips for Plant-Based Entertaining & Visiting

When you entertain or visit friends you should be enjoying yourself, not worrying about your meal. I have been through this already and will give you some easy tips for being a good host…and a good guest while following whole food plant-based diet. For full set of advice and tips please check my book Plant-Based Made Easy: The Complete Practical Guide to Balanced Whole Food Diet.

Plant-Based Entertaining

As with entertaining anyone anywhere, ask people whether there’s something they don’t eat. You also might want to encourage people to bring whatever they want to eat.

Make your food visually appealing and use different textures as well like something creamy with something crunchy, with something hearty-looking, and then something light and leafy.

So far, my carnivorous friends and family members have been happy with the food I’ve cooked for them at gatherings at my place. They have been introduced to foods they never knew existed like nutritional yeast, raw buckwheat, spelt, xylitol, agave syrup, dates as sweetener, carob, cashews for cheesecakes, sour cream and mayonnaise.

I get favourable comments a lot with vegan Parmesan, cashew cheesecake, buckwheat bread, and plant-based quiches.

We all have different taste buds so no matter how you think the food tastes, be sure to have salt, pepper and olive oil on hand. Those who feel they need an extra dash of pepper can add it if they want.

Plant-Based Visiting

Don’t make your life difficult by pursuing perfection when it comes to visiting and social gatherings. If you’re too picky you might find yourself lonely and miserable very soon. Treat social occasions like you would when travelling and not able to eat ideally all the time.

If there is a set menu for the event (like weddings and funerals), ask the host about the menu and see whether you can combine a meal.

If you have a gathering at a restaurant, check my Dining Out post for tips and hints.

If you visit a carnivore friend or a family member who won’t prepare anything special for you, eat before you go or bring your own foods to contribute. People will appreciate this. It’s easy to prepare and take the following foods: raw candies, muffins, cookies, raw cut veggies, hummus, guacamole, nut spreads, whole grain crackers and bread.

My cheesecakes are a real hit among my family and friends. Wherever I’m invited, people expect me to bring one. It makes a nice present as well so it’s win-win: you don’t need to buy something extra and you can eat a healthy (and yummy) dessert too.

When your host is considerate and asks about your eating habits, don’t go crazy by ordering a three-course, oil-free plant-based perfectly balanced meal. Emphasize you’re not coming for the food but for the good company. Ask for simple things like a salad and tomatoes without dressing, cut veggies (carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, cauliflower) and canned beans.
A good rule is to always offer to bring something yourself so the host doesn’t have to bother too much.

The big thing about visiting is to remember not to disapprove or be patronizing towards other people’s eating habits and lifestyle: it’s their choice and they’ll change only if they want to change.

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