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Salad with Red Lentil Dhal

What I Eat in a Day on Vegan Candida Diet, Video

Every day I get to spend about 1 hour and 45 minutes enjoying my delicious, filling and nutritious whole food vegan Candida diet recipes. I consider myself so lucky to have discovered the secrets of truly healthy eating. To me every meal is pure pleasure with no regrets. As I still remember when all things related to food and eating were not as easy and positive, I appreciate my new lifestyle even more.

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My vegan Candida diet recipes on a typical day


A glass of warm water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar + Balance One Probiotics that have 15 billion CFUs of bacteria, 12 long-lasting probiotic strains, and time-release tablets that get the probiotic bacteria straight to your gut.

Mycozil™ is a natural, vegan-friendly blend of potent herbs and enzymes to support detoxification of yeast and undesirable fungal organisms from the body.

Mycozil is a unique, all-natural formula designed specifically to support the body’s natural balance of yeast and fungal organisms. It’s made with potent herbs and enzymes that work with your body’s internal defenses to protect against the spread of harmful organisms.

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A glass of warm tap water mixed with a little bit of mineral water.


porridge-oat-bran-beet-carrot-zucchini-carob, candida diet recipes

A bowl of my Chocolaty Beet Porridge

Watch how to make it here on Nutriplanet Youtube channel

Energy: 319 kcal


A glass of warm tap water mixed with a little bit of mineral water


pancakes-parsnip-chickpea, candida diet recipes

Parsnip-Chickpea Pancake with Chocolate Sauce

Chicory Root Coffee with Soymilk

Energy: 147 kcal


A glass of warm tap water mixed with a little bit of mineral water


Salad with Chickpea Dhal, candida diet recipes

Raw Salad with Chickpea Dahl

Watch how to make it here on Nutriplanet Youtube channel

Energy: 385 kcal


A glass of warm tap water mixed with a little bit of mineral water


Muffins, Sweet Potato-Chocolate, candida diet recipes

Sweet Potato-Carob Muffin (with tutorial video)

Chicory Root Coffee with Soymilk

Energy: 137 kcal

6PM and 7:30PM

A glass of warm tap water + some mineral water


Buddha Bowl with Mung Bean Dahl, candida diet recipes

Enormous Buddha Bowl including:

  • Raw Romain lettuce, turnip, parsnip, avocado, red bell pepper and sauerkraut
  • Steamed broccoli, Brussels sprouts and kale
  • Mung bean dahl with red onion, purple carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes

Energy: 429 kcal


Pudding, Chia-Carob, candida diet recipes

Chocolaty Pudding with Homemade Almond Butter (video)

Energy: 321 kcal

Total energy: 1738 kcal
Protein: 70 grams
Calories from fat: 23%
Monounsaturated fats (from energy): about 10%
Polyunsaturated fats (from energy): about 7%
Saturated fats (from energy): 4%
Vitamins and minerals: all covered

Also, read on vegan Candida diet meal planning – what exactly, how often and in what order I’ve been eating. More importantly, follow me on Instagram for tricks and hacks on vegan Candida diet and subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Facebook not to miss any posts.

Should you feel that all this is too overwhelming (like I did in the beginning), go and check out my Vegan Candida Cleanse Meal Plan and Vegan Candida Diet Meal Plan Reintroducing Foods

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  1. Kathleen Chandler

    I was reading your list of forbidden foods for a vegan candida diet and chickpeas was on the list of foods to avoid. However, one of your recipes aboves has chickpeas in it, which I thought was forbidden.

    • Nele Liivlaid

      Hi Kathleen,

      I didn’t eat chickpeas during the cleanse period which is over for me fortunately. I first did the cleanse and then started to re-introduce foods one by one. It’s very individual process and one doesn’t fit all — it greatly depends on how severe your infection is. Also, there are different opinions on whether legumes should be excluded or not — I chose to be on the safe side and only ate non-starchy veggies (+ one carrot a day starting from 2nd week), quinoa, millet, buckwheat, amaranth and oat bran for the first 6 weeks.

      Now I can eat starchy veggies, legumes, gluten-free oats — but not is excessive amounts. Even a bit of cashews, some fruits (grapefruit, oranges, kiwis, apples) and corn is OK by now.

      All the best!

  2. Rebecca Sander

    How is it possible to eat all of this in one day without spending every waking hour either cooking or eating?

    • Hahaa 🙂 It doesn’t actually take that much time cooking as many things can be batch cooked or prepped ahead:
      — I premix a bigger batch of my porridge spice so that I don’t need to measure them out every morning.
      — I prep I stack of pancakes and a batch of muffins or cookies and store them in fridge or in freezer (for longer keeping).
      — I batch cook a big potful of curry or stew, store it in fridge and eat until it’s finished.
      — Same goes for desserts — they can be made ahead and stored in fridge.

      Other than that, it’s only down to chopping and steaming some veggies and even that can be done in bigger batched in advance. I just prefer to have them fresh.

      One needs to be willing to cook one’s own meals when on a healing journey — I’m afraid it’s inevitable! However, proper planning is the key here and the meals can be made super simple and quick 🙂

      Let me know if I can help you in any other way!

  3. Hi, I was wondering what things are on the Ok list for breakfast through the cleanse stage?
    Your site has been very helpful thank you!

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