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How to Make Fermented GF Buckwheat Bread, Video

Learn how to make gluten-free no starter fermented buckwheat bread. Furthermore, it is Candida diet friendly and sugar-free.

I’d been thinking of making a tutorial video of my fermented gluten-free buckwheat bread for some time. However, only now did I finally manage to film, edit and upload it for you to enjoy.

This buckwheat bread is undoubtedly my favourite bread of all times. That is both in terms of the taste/texture as well as the recipe. The reason is that my fermented gluten-free buckwheat bread is vegan, oil-free, sugar-free, yeast-free, dairy-free, Candida diet friendly and a no-knead recipe. The making takes a bit of time, but it’s mostly inactive. you can mind your own business while the buckwheat groats are soaking, the batter is fermenting or the bread is baking and cooling. The best part is that the recipe is actually easy to make. It’s quite impossible to fail if you follow the recipe and don’t use metal bowl for fermenting and/or metal spoon for mixing already fermented batter. I especially like the no-knead part of this recipe as I have never enjoyed kneading a dough ball for 10 minutes at a stretch.

Furthermore, the recipe is totally worth the effort! Imagine taking the fresh bread out of the oven and cutting into it after it has cooled down. It’s heaven! Spread a little bit of tahini or any other nut or seed butter onto your fermented gluten-free buckwheat bread slice. For crunchiness, add some fresh cucumber and/or tomatoes, sprinkle with black pepper and you are ready to enter the gastronomic heaven.

Should you be interested in reading a bit about buckwheat and getting the recipe in writing, go to my Fermented Buckwheat Bread recipe blog post. I wrote it some years ago when I first started to make this delicious bread. After all, it’s easier to follow the quantities from a written recipe rather then watching a video when you actually start making the bread.

Enjoy the tutorial video!


  1. Hello, I let it fermented way too long i think about 14h covered with a warm cloth and in the morning when i opened it it was very stinky.. Can u tel me if it is ok or not… Thank you

    • Hi! Yes, I think it fermented too long. What was your room temperature. If it’s quite cool 18-20C then it can take up to 18 hours. But given that you had a warm cloth over the bowl…
      Now, I still think that if the smell and taste is alright after baking you could eat it.

  2. Looks great!,but Iโ€™m confused, I though sourdough had to be made with an starter?, so this isnโ€™t actually sourdough isnโ€™t it?

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