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Celery juice benefits, my experience and the correct way to drink it.

Celery Juice Benefits and How to Make It [Video]

Let’s dive into celery juice benefits, my own experience and how to consume the juice properly to get all the claimed health benefits.

I had already heard of the celery juice hype when I listened to Anthony William, the founder of medicalmedium.com, author of Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide, and the initiator of celery juice movement, talk on Food Revolution Summit 2019 about celery juice benefits. After having heard his story and what’s actually behind it, I finally decided to give celery juice a go.

Celery juice benefits, my experience and the correct way to drink it.

Now, if you’re purely scientific person, stop reading because there is no scientific evidence behind celery juice benefits. It’s just people claiming they get better from all kinds of illnesses. On the other hand, the link between health and nutrition existed before it was scientifically proven, right? I say we cannot discard all the non-scientific evidence because no one wants to fund a peer-reviewed research.

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Why I Decided to Write This Article

While I usually support facts that have scientific backup, I simply cannot ignore all those testimonials by thousands of people who have healed consuming celery juice. Even today, there is a lot that science has not yet discovered. However, the latter does not make the facts and connections inexistent.

Another important reason for this article is the amount of misinformation that circles around the Internet. Before starting to write this blog post I watched several YouTube videos made by influencers with hundred’s of thousands subscribers. They had not done their homework and simply followed a “trend” making many mistakes on the way. I say it’s disrespectful to all those people who really struggle with health conditions and are looking for remedies that would work. Those videos, based on misinformation, take the opportunity to heal from the people who really need it.

Celery juice benefits, my experience and the correct way to drink it.
Here you go!

Celery Juice Benefits

Anthony William claims that celery juice, when consumed in the right way, is a powerful and miraculous healing remedy and people are noticing clearer skin, improved digestion, less bloating, sustained energy, better mental clarity, weight loss, and stable moods. It should also be very beneficial for those struggling with Candida overgrowth.

Here’s follow-up video from June 2020:

The Reasons Behind Celery Juice Benefits

According to Anthony William celery juice possesses the following qualities (you can either believe it or not):

  • Undiscovered sodium cluster salts that starve and fight off unwanted pathogens and bacteria. They also neutralize toxins and restore hydrochloric acid over time and help the liver to produce bile.
  • Cofactor micro trace minerals rejuvenate stomach gland tissue by entering and feeding the cells of glands, providing them with newfound energy so they can function optimally.
  • Complete living electrolytes: sodium cluster salts in full completion.
  • Plant hormone that feeds and replenishes every single gland in the endocrine system.
  • Digestive enzymes that are like little capsules that are activated by pH change when they enter the small intestinal tract.
  • Antioxidants that remove fatty deposits from around toxic heavy metal deposits in your body.
  • Vitamin C that requires no methylation in the liver for the body to be able to use it. So, it can boost the immune system unlike any other vitamin C because if its bioavailable, pre-methylated form.
  • Prebiotics that not only starve unfriendly bacteria, but actively breaks down, weakens, and destroys it.
  • Hydrobioactive water in celery juice is organized in such a way that it uniquely suspends those life-giving nutrients and phytochemical compounds so that they are ready to be delivered to your body.

If you are interested, you can read more on celery juice benefits in his book Celery Juice.

Celery juice benefits, my experience and the correct way to drink it

How Much Celery Juice to Drink

Drinking 16 ounces of pure celery juice on an empty stomach daily can provide you with dozens of health benefits. Anthony William explains in his book Celery Juice why it is essential to drink 16 ounces at one go in detail.

Now, if you’re a newbie to celery juice, work your way up from 4-8 ounces though, as you might experience severe die-off symptoms, if your body is really toxic. You can drink a lot more, but Anthony William does not recommend exceeding 10 glasses.

How to Drink the Juice Correctly

Learn how to drink celery juice the correct way to maximise the benefits.

  1. 16 ounces or 500 ml rule.

    Drink 16 ounces (2 glasses) of pure celery juice every morning on an empty stomach.

  2. Empty stomach rule.

    Wait 20-30 minutes before you consume anything else, drink or food. Also, son’t drink it in the middle of the day when you’ve already consumed other foods and drinks.

  3. Fatty foods rule.

    Don’t eat any fatty foods, i.e. nuts, seeds, avocado, olives at least 2 hours after consuming celery juice. Also, try to cut down your overall fat consumption.

  4. Organic vs conventional celery.

    Use organic celery whenever possible. Should you have conventional celery, make sure to wash every stalk thoroughly with non-scented soap.

  5. No additives rule.

    Be sure not to mix anything into your celery juice, not stevia or other sweeteners, water, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar nor other fruit or vegetable juices.

  6. Freshness rule.

    Drink freshly made celery juice. It should be consumed within 24 hours from making it (store in sealed jar in fridge). Be aware that the juice loses its potency by hour.

  7. Only juice rule.

    Celery powder, celery juice powder and celery tablets won’t replace fresh juice. The medicinal cluster salts in celery juice are suspended in a living solution and cannot stay alive outside freshly juiced celery. The potent enzymes in celery juice will also be ruined in the process of creating a tablet or powder. Also, eating celery won’t give you the same benefits.

Common Mistakes People are Making

  • Consuming celery juice with food.
  • Mixing other stuff into their celery juice, e.g. sweeteners, water, lemon or lime juice, ginger, collagen, protein powders etc.
  • Eating a high-fat diet, especially eating high-fat foods after consuming celery juice.
  • Not drinking enough celery juice.
  • Preparing the juice in big batches – for a few days in advance.
  • Buying pasteurised celery juice.
  • Eating unproductive foods, e.g. gluten, eggs, dairy, corn, soy, pork.
  • Not being consistent and giving up after a week or so.

Some people feel the benefits already after a few hours, but for some it may even take up to a year to notice major difference.

My Experience with Celery Juice

I aimed to drink celery juice for 30 days, but had to stop temporarily at 21 days because my supply of organic celery got cut off. However, I resumed after about 5 days.

Why I Started Drinking Celery Juice

Having heard about the healing powers of correctly consumed celery juice, I really had my hopes up to deal with some of the health issues I hadn’t been able to tackle:

  • History of chronic sinusitis and therefore congested airways, especially during the pollen season. I literally rinsed my nose with half litre salt water every day during the past winter and spring just so that I could sleep at night.
  • Ridges on my nails.
  • Fibroids.

The Taste and Drinking

Call me crazy, but I absolutely loved the taste of celery juice the first time I had it – salty and sweet and the same time. So, there was no effort to get the 16 ounces down – yes, I went for 16 ounces straight away! You can start slower though – 4-8 ounces at a time and then work your way up.

I soon learned that the taste depends greatly on the batch of celery. Thumb rule here is – the lighter/brighter green the colour of juice, the tastier it is. If the juice is kind of brownish, the taste will be quite bitter. However, this doesn’t diminish the powers of the juice. And finally, if your celery stalks are really thin, darker green and with lots of leaves, the juice will be very intense – almost poison green. Anthony William says that in this case you could also drink a bit less as the juice is more potent.

Strangely enough, after having had a few batches of quite bitter juice, it became rather difficult for me to get the juice down. Not that it discouraged me in any way! No, I just kept on going.

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The Cost of Drinking Celery Juice

There’re no delusions here – it’s freaking expensive! I got a “deal” from local organic shop and ended up paying around 6 euros per day’s worth of juice. If you do the math, you’ll see that 21 days cost me 126 euros – that’s a lot, isn’t it? I can totally understand that many people simply can’t afford it.

The good news is that according to Anthony William it is also fine to juice conventional celery. Just make sure to wash each stalk with scent-free soap. According to nutritionfacts.org the most effective way to clean veggies of pesticide residues is 10% salt water, i.e. 1 part salt and 9 parts water. Just make sure to rinse your celery well to get rid of the salt!
This is also what I’ll opt from time to time, i.e. I’ll juice both organic and conventional celery to keep the cost lower.

My Results

I had had pollen driven headaches every day for about a week, when I started juicing. I was really amazed to see those headaches disappear from day 1! And they have not returned either.

Secondly, after about 5 days of juicing I tried to go without rinsing my nose in the evening. And to my great surprise I was able to sleep quite well. When my supply was cut off and I went without juicing for about 5 days, I also resumed rinsing. However, after I re-established my celery juice routine, I also quit rinsing and haven’t had the need for it since then.

Another positive thing I noticed was elimination. I wasn’t constipated before, but this a whole new level 🙂 For 3-4 days I went to toilet 3 times a day, I mean properly! Once I was completely empty, it went back to normal. I guess it’ll take much longer to see results with the nails and fibroids, so I’ll just keep on going.

The Mistakes I Made

It was wrong of me not read Anthony William’s Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide before I started juicing. I know there’s a lot of information on his blog, but it doesn’t compare to the tips and knowledge in the book.

My mistake was to eat fatty foods (nuts and seeds) as breakfast after drinking my celery juice. Instead, you should keep your mornings fat-free. In fact, decreasing the fat intake in general is a good idea as fats put a burden on liver.

Furthermore, there are unproductive foods (gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn etc.) that you should not consume, if you want to get the most our of celery juice.

How I Fit Celery Juice Into my Morning Routine

I start my morning with 20-minute yoga (while oil-pulling). After that I drink 16 ounces of lemon water (with juice from half lemon).

Then it’s time for 40-minute walk in the park. After I get back, I start juicing and drink my 16 ounces of pure celery juice. The juicing, cleaning up and drinking takes me about 20 minutes.

Finally, 30 minutes later I have a light fat-free breakfast, i.e. Anthony’s Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie from his book Celery Juice, or simply some fruits, berries or fat-free porridge.

In case it is impossible for you to make the juice in the morning, prepare it the night before and store in sealed jar in fridge. The juice definitely needs to be consumed within 24 hours. However, remember that the juice loses its potency by hour. That being said, it’s always the best option to drink it fresh.

How to Make Celery Juice

You have a few options when it comes to juicing celery:

  • Use a juicermasticating juicer is the best, but also centrifuge juicer will work fine. In fact, I’ve been juicing with the latter.
  • Alternatively use high-speed blender or food processor – chop the rinsed stalks into smaller chunks and process until you have celery puree. Next, using a fine sieve, cheesecloth, or nut milk bag, squeeze the juice out. Make sure not to add any water to ease the blending.

Is Celery Juice a Miracle Drug?

No, definitely not! You’re wrong, if you think you can heal yourself by doing 16 ounces of celery juice every day, but keep up with your unhealthy lifestyle that lead you to your illness in the first place. So, the path to better health is holistic – natural remedy combined with improved lifestyle and eating habits.


I’m certain that now when I’m adhering to all the correct techniques, it’s only a matter of time before I’ll also see results with the remaining symptoms.

The bottom line is – turn to the original source when starting with celery juice or any other remedy and don’t rely on YouTube videos of people who won’t even refer to Anthony William, meaning they have not done their homework and can easily lead you to wrong conclusions.

Finally, I’m so happy to share Jyl Steinback’s (America’s Healthiest Mom) celery juice story. When we first connected a few months back, I was fascinated to learn that we’d both started the celery juice journey about the same time. I must admit there’s quite a lot of celery juice talk whenever we Skype or change emails 🙂 Here’s her story!

Jyl Steinback’s Celery Juice Testimonial

I was introduced to celery juice by Anthony William and his new book Medical Medium Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide. This title totally intrigued me, so I devoured the book in one night when I couldn’t sleep at midnight.

The next day I went out for celery and started juicing. I had “pretty healthy” eating habits before I started celery juicing, but was sure I had plenty of toxins to dump, so I started small – 2 oz. Then, I built it up each day till I drank 16 ounces a day first thing in the morning before I had anything else to eat or drink. This was Anthony’s suggestion to perform the best for you and your body. It is a fascinating book.

I have been celery juicing for one month now and the most benefits so far is energy and elimination. However, my suggestion is to start slow, because it can be extremely bloating at first. Celery juice is quite filling and I always get a “clean” cold rush to my stomach when I drink it. This feeling sticks with me until I eat solid foods 30 minutes later. 

Celery gives me a “refreshing, rejuvenating and fresh” start to my day. So far so great! My goal is to keep it up for the summer and review, but I think I am already hooked.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Celery juice benefits, my experience after 30 days and the correct way to drink it.


  1. Very informative article thank you. Is it “wrong” or does it negate the effects by adding just a little water and drinking the pulp too?

  2. I’m trying this myself to see if it can get rid of my oh to frequent heartburn. BUT, I bought a whole bunch of celery at Sam’s Club 10 lbs to be precise and ran it ALL through the juicer. It yielded nearly a gallon of juice. They recommend only making 2 days worth at a time. Well that ain’t happening because juicing is messy and a pain in the butt to do every day. BESIDES, when I bought the celery, the bag said it was picked on June 1 and it was June 8 when I bought it. It was already a week old when I got it, so just how fresh are we talking about? Not that I’m poo pooing the whole concept of this “miracle” cure, BUT if it’s going to work at all, there’s no way I can get celery freshly picked, so cut me some slack here and if it’s in the frig it will certainly keep for a week. At least that’s my thinking on the matter. Have you ever tried to grow celery? It’s not that fast from time of germination to harvest. It’s not like radish or lettuce where it’s ready to harvest in 30 days. Even if it was you’d still have to supplement with some store bought to be perfectly honest. At any rate, it’s fairly cheap produce and it’s worth giving it a whirl for 7 days and then see if it’s worth making some more.

  3. Dennis Nowack

    Great article…thank you! Egads…I throw every powder under the sun in my morning juice. I still fell great but I think I will do juice alone

  4. Genival Melo

    Hi, I heard that celery juice can make your skin turn very sensitive to sun lights ?

    • Hi! Anthony William, in his book Celery Juice states: Celery contains photochemical compounds psoralens, which reside in almost all fruits, veggies, and herbs. They are helpful for the immune system and for healing our bodies. Any psoralnes present in celery are harmless. They do nit create sun sensitivities or dermatitis.

      And from Healthline: Older studies and case reports link increased sun sensitivity to an excessive intake of celery or celery juice. However, this reaction usually occurs when foods containing psoralen come into contact with your skin. It’s unlikely to affect those who drink a few servings of celery juice per day.

      • Joanna Brown

        It’s my 8th day of bleeding celery and I don’t really see any difference yet. I was adding water., and after reading this article I tried not to add water today, but had to add a little because the celery was stuck in the blender blades. I’m not having the benefit of bowel movement that I read so many people are having. I’m drinking 16oz of Organic celery a day. What should I do to start getting more benefits from celery blending?

  5. I havent tried drinking the juice for health benefits but was wondering about the natural nitrates in it that could cause harm to our microbiome. Has anyone looked into this? I’ve been using celery juice powder to cure my meats and it works great but am concerned that drinking too much might have the same consequences as too much sodium nitrates. The nitrates are supposed to be the same or similar, is celery nitrates safer or is it the same? Maybe nitrates are completely fine for your health or should be limited. I’m dehydrating celery juice right now, curious as to how much powder I’ll get from one cups worth and how much is needed to properly cure my meats.

Let me know your thoughts