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Environmentally Friendly Housekeeping Practices

When environment is concerned only few people think about the idea how they can help for its preserving in our daily routines. Even if you are not eco friendly type of person and you show little interest in these types of activities you may stop and think for a while what can be your contribution for decreasing the pollution in and out of your home by doing some simple things.
In this way you can be helpful not only for the nature but for your health too. Although the eco friendly housekeeping may not be your passion you can try to make some green initiative on your own and to change some little things in your home premises. You could also think about some important activities that you normally perform in a different way and you can also add them in you eco friendly list. This is the moment when you could show your creative and innovative ideas and to apply them in your housekeeping practices.

Cleaning procedures

Every person provides cleaning on regular basis in the home premises. Despite of this fact many people still prefer the commercial products and detergents that could be found in the nearest store. However, what they forget is that these products can be really dangerous for the nature. What we suggest is to find another alternative for cleaning by using eco friendly products.

  • Vinegar, which is your excellent friend when it comes to cleaning of the all types of glass surfaces. Your windows and glasses will be clean immaculately with a suitable concentration of water and vinegar.
  • Baking soda combined with some water and some liquid soap for other types of general cleaning. This is the best decision for cleaning a wide range of stains and it will be harmless for the nature and for the health.

Reuse and recycling

 The reuse and recycling is very popular eco friendly practice for your home and it is not very difficult to be applied in your home premises.

When you have finally got rid of your clutter do not hurry up to throw it away but take your time and try to make some recycling. If this initiative really appeals to you, include your children in this activity as well. In this way you can establish useful habits in them and teach them that we need to protect our nature when we clean our homes.
If you are a real of fan of housekeeping practices you could find more information about the recycle of the wastewater by using some latest technologies. The wastewater can be used for areas such as gardening and air conditioning.

There are many ways to apply eco friendly housekeeping practices if you show your creative skills and really care for the nature. It is not difficult to think about the ways in which to reduce the pollution. Whether by recycling, reusing or simply cleaning with eco friendly products the important moment is to realize that your contribution is essential for the Mother Nature. It is not impossible to devote some time on these issues and maintain your home in a proper condition at the same time.

About the Author: Patricia Cornwell from DomesticCleaners Ealing tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible and uses only non-toxic cleaning detergents, which are considered greener and healthier.

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