Balanced vegan diet to help you beat Candida overgrowth

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Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Graduate, Researcher, Influencer, and Former Candida Infection Sufferer Shares Her Experience On How To:

Beat the infection naturally without prescription drugs

Rebalance your body and improve quality of your life

Compile balanced Candida fighting meals yourself

… and all this with saving you weeks and months of research and experimenting.

Discover How I Overcame My Own Candida Overgrowth Naturally

Dear Reader,

I’d been thinking of starting vegan Candida diet (the cleanse) for already 2-3 years, when I finally decided to give it a go in August 2016 and began my journey on the healing path.

Fortunately my Candida overgrowth symptoms had not been too severe, so that I was able to postpone the diet. However, they were inconvenient enough to finally take the critical step. Firstly, I could feel the yeast infection symptoms where most women with candida overgrowth do. Secondly, there were other concerns (especially within the past 10 months) – cracks on the corners of my mouth that just wouldn’t heal, bloating, sinusitis, frequent upper respiratory infections, and hay fever.

Furthermore, I’d had problems with my blood sugar fluctuations for years. I’d need to eat at least in every 1-2 hours not to feel fainted – I could almost never wait for the real hunger, but had to eat because my blood sugar dropped too low.

At some point I began to notice that when I managed to keep my blood sugar stable for a day or two the corners of my mouth would start to heal. I’d been trying all kinds of salves to spread on the corners, but nothing really helped. Then I found one that also had anti-fungal properties and noticed straight away that things got better. So, I guess this was the final trigger to jump on board.

Yeast Infection Is A Message From Your Body Telling You Something Is WRONG Inside

Most of us ignore the messages that our body sends us continuously. Candida overgrowth and its related symptoms are a desperate message from your body telling you something is wrong inside.

You can’t just treat the symptoms and make the problem go away. Instead, you need to see your body as a whole and approach the issue holistically.

Candida overgrowth is a result of making poor lifestyle choices (food, stress, antibiotics, alcohol) that lead to weakened immune system, compromised digestion, acid-alkaline imbalance, loss of probiotic bacteria, and toxicity. Now, you can’t make the cause disappear, if you don’t change the way you live and the foods that you put into your mouth.

Remember, you can’t ignore your symptoms forever or your condition would get only worse.

When I saw how I could help my body heal naturally using only dietary changes, whereas adhering to plant-based eating, and natural supplements, I started to write my experience down to help others save weeks of research.

Furthermore, I noticed that in all the books and resources I found, no one really offered a proper balanced vegan meal plan to follow! Consequently I had to come up with my own balanced Candida fighting eating plan meeting all the nutritional needs.


Candida Diet Plant-Based Meal Plan

The Holistic System That Will Teach You How To Naturally Cure Your Candida Overgrowth, Rebalance Your Body and Improve Your Quality Of Life Drastically!

The Candida Diet Plant-Based Meal Plan (Cleanse + Reintroduction) is an instantly downloadable e-book presenting a sure-fire, holistic system for reversing your candida overgrowth and yeast infection and improve your quality of life naturally and safely within 2-4 months without drugs, side effects, or expensive treatments.


What My Meal Plan Can Do For You?

You can’t trust the drug and pharmaceutical companies and your current sources of information.

With billions at stake, these pharmaceutical companies will tell you anything to get you to buy their products (antibiotics). They’ll even lie right to your face!

Life is too short to try and cure your infection on your own spending weeks on research, through trial and error. Take charge over your infection by following a proven step-by-step system!

I will take you by the hand and teach you the proven strategies and secrets that allowed me to beat my candida overgrowth!

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Candida Plant-Based Meal Plan (Cleanse + Reintroduction)


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