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Blueberry-Beet Pancake Tart Recipe


It’s Shrove or Carnival Tuesday / Pancake Day / Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday again and many people will be making pancakes. In Estonia it’s mostly about buns with whipped cream or ricotta, smoky pea soup, and of course sledging, if there’s snow. Here it is blueberry-beet pancake tart to celebrate it.

Soaking time for Buckwheat: Overnight or All day

Soaking time for Cashew: 2 hours







  1. Soak buckwheat overnight or at least for 6 hours. Drain and rinse.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth batter forms. You’ll get twelve 20cm (7.9 inches) pancakes from this batter.

How to get different colors?

  1. Bake the first pancake following the recipe above.
  2. Now blend in some raw beetroot – enough to achieve a subtle pink colour.
  3. Add a bit more beet for the third pancake. Continue until you have 6 pancakes.
  4. Now add a bit of wild blueberries. Continue adding more after every pancake. The last one will be quite dark purple.
  5. If you see that the batter becomes too runny from all the blueberries, add some rolled oats to balance it out.


  1. Soak buckwheat overnight or all day and cashews for at least 2 hours. Drain and rinse.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until thick ricotta cream forms. You’ll need to help with a spoon. Add the liquid gradually and only as much as needed to combine all ingredients well.
  3. Transfer into a bowl and set aside.


You can use my Vegan Chocolate Sauce as topping additional.

Should you want it sweeter, add a sweetener of choice – date paste, stevia, xylitol, agave.

Watch the video below to see how I assembled the tart!

  • Method: Frying or Baking

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